Jedi order
12 Sep

After dropping their first two encounters this season, Jedi Order was due for a win against the Jagwars. The resulting 4-4 draw seems petty consolation.

“We could have beaten them if we would have finished our chances,” declared Daniel Bellacicco following a solid team effort bolstered in large part by a stunning goal from striker Vincenzo Canzeri and another solid outing from keeper Alessio Speranza, a pleasant surprise who “pulls off the most impossible saves sometimes.”

Given the circumstances, you can’t blame the captain of the fourth-seed Jedi Order for looking past this game – especially now that a quarterfinal matchup against FC l’Artiste is just around the bend. Whether or not his squad lives to face down C2 death stars FC Jixon or Sabbah is another question altogether. “For the playoffs, it’s anyone’s game.”

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