Super sata
03 Sep

Super Sata has no elaborate team history to speak of. No ties to geeky computer science references. No big plans past having a good time.

What they do seem to have, however, is a very bright future ahead of them.

“We’re basically just a bunch of friends and family who decided to take up soccer again for the fun of it,” explains Claudio Cuto, leader of a rookie ensemble that is rocketing into the C5B playoffs on a seven-game winning streak, including their most recent 5-2 win over FC Paesano. “Chemistry seemed to be an issue the first few weeks, but we drew up a game plan, stuck with it and we just got better from there. Last night’s game was a perfect example of it.”

The Super Sata crew (that’s sopressatta for the Italo-illiterate) might even have a shot at first. Their season closer against LPSC, who ceded no territory on top spot with a very convincing win of their own, will provide one of only several potential championship previews.

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