Bastones united
28 Aug

All but shut out of the postseason, Bastones United have found solace in a very satisfying form of poetic justice.

“I like to refer to last Friday’s game as the ‘Miracle at Marie Victorin’,” begins the email from captain Michael Pellegrino, this following an Instagram-led carpet-bombing campaign attesting to the divine intervention in question. “Not one person in that entire complex thought we had a chance against the undefeated Average Joes.”

Pellegrino, who clearly remembers the stinging article that followed a 9-1 drubbing to the C5 Division leaders back in June, recounts how his team, down 3-2 well into the second half, converted a high-pressure play by Nicolas Fazioli and then finished the job in the 65th minute when Adamo Zingaro picked off Tristan De Sousa for the 4-3 winner.

“Every single player out there was solid,” he concluded, making sure to single out goalkeeper Anthony Nunziato for his own brilliant 70-minute performance. “It was a truly remarkable and unforgettable game.”

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