10 Aug

Few captains will come out and fire off team shortcomings as matter-of-factly as the Avenger’s Julian Carozza – and still collect the win.

“We realize that we don’t have enough talent to get us to first place,” she explains following a 3-2 come-from-behind win against les Coriaces, ignited by her own second-half header and ultimately sealed with timely Angela Priess saves and Sara Ignoto’s game winner. “However, we make up for it in ways few teams can match. Our team spirit has never been higher and we work together to make sure we all have a good time on the field.”

Not even two years young, the Avengers have had to battle through summer without the services of a full-time keeper, leaving them at a disadvantage against the FC Division’s better squads. Case in point: head honchos Blitzz currently enjoy a 16-point gap on the fourth-seed Avengers.

But let the record show no team should mistaken Carozza’s realism for a defeatist attitude. “Don’t get me wrong. We still strive to win every game!”

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