05 Aug

Gabriella Pisegna takes great comfort in knowing she has girls worth her time, the ink and the paper their crazy story is written on.

“Much like the group of abnormal individuals from the ever-successful Hangover movie after which our Wolfpack is named, we joined as friends to enjoy the beautiful sport of soccer together,” begins her opening email salvo. “We are unstoppable. A strong group of women who are not only successful on the field, but also in our education and careers.”

With skill and technique to boot, Wolfpack enjoyed their honeymoon period in the league, but then languished the last few seasons without a full-time keeper. They seem to be back on track this summer. Their most recent 7-4 victory against the B-Liners had cold-eyed sniper Selina Bruneau striking on four separate occasions, keeper Maria Kaperonis holding the fort and the entire team in lethal lockstep – all with a single substitute on the bench.

Already rounding out the top three in the FC1 Division, an emboldened Pisegna now has a simple message for FC Boisbriand and Blue Sky, who might already be feeling the hairs on back of their necks rising from all the wolfy breath coming up from behind.

“Watch out, because we are climbing up to first place!”

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