Mange cakes
22 Jul

Brandon Hernandez can chew the fat on almost any topic – even one as sensitive as FC Mangia Cakes’ second regular-season loss to Le Bonbon Rose.

“To make things simple, they were able to control the game at times and it cost us,” admits the captain of the 4-3 heartbreaker in question. “And we tend to rush too much, which results in us getting caught tired and flat-footed when we lose possession. But we took away a lot from this game.”

It’s a far more humble Hernandez than the one who was seeking personal vengeance on behalf of his former Lester B. Pearson crack squad only several days ago. But then being effectively booted from the C4A Division throne – not only by Bonbon but by the FC Stallions as well – will tend to do that. The captain is also no stranger to disappointment, having come up short in previous finals against the likes of Motovan and FC Jixon.

“I’m hoping to help my team bring home a title this year,” he adds, channelling his inner glass-half-full side. “It would be a huge relief, given that it’s the first year that I put this team together with all these guys! Also, we can’t forget that it’s about having fun at the same time.”

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