14 Jul

Their move to Anjou was meant to invite new team challenges. But in all fairness, this past weekend was very much all about Hasbeen-in-chief Jade Abboud.

“Teamwork is a big reason why I was able to defy the statistical odds and score six goals,” explained the captain diplomatically, looking to downplay her role in Hasbeen’s crushing 8-0 win over All Blacks Sunday night. “Communication and timing were both on point that night.”

If watching Abboud join top striker Sabrina Vlajic atop the division scoring race in one fell swoop was not jarring enough, the fact that a squad of former U18 Double-A Anjou natives decided to return to their old stomping grounds, after two successful summers in Laval, should worry top dogs Queen of the World and Zone.

Despite recent player additions, the Hasbeen nucleus continues to preach team spirit and joy of the game. "We’ve always been able to rely on a rock-solid defense, while super keeper Maude “The Ninja” Gagnon has allowed us to win some very close encounters. Although we are all in different life stages now, soccer remains the one thing that binds us together."

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