Fc jixon
03 Jul

Much like a sudden bout of nasty weather, whatever factors contributed to FC Jixon’s poor start this summer have all but evaporated into distant memory, leaving only a trail of very entertaining soccer behind.

This Sunday, under a spectacular sunset sky, the long-time St-Ex/Parc Delorme click and back-to-back defending league champs were really just toying with their Jagwars opponent, displaying a lethal combination of patience, team chemistry and an a killer sense of humour and showmanship en route to a lopsided 6-0 victory.

Now that Ramadan and injuries are no longer legitimate excuses, and Jixon continue to close in on a Sabbah side forced to forfeit their own game, captain Théophile Mpetembe and friends make no qualms of the ultimate goal in all this. Nothing less than a three-peat will do.

“If we have to lose, the other team has to be better than us,” he explains matter-of-factly, with a serious smile. “But when you lose because you didn’t live up to your own potential, that’s just lame.”

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