30 Jun

When life gut-punches you, there’s nothing quite like laying out a down-and-out opponent to get the old confidence rolling again.

After getting their own butts handed to them against undefeated Fireball last week, Aftermath returned the favour against dead last FC Fire, delivering a savage 6-0 drubbing to remain very much in FC1 Division contention.

“The Aftermath girls have been together for over six years and have been through thick and thin,” explains captain Chrissy Hirst, praising the work of defenders Stefania Bavota and Vanessa Tortorici, center-mid Rachel Nador, prolific striker Julie Sasson and some much-needed coaching staff consistency, for keeping her girls competitive. “We are striving to win this season and will not give up without a fight.”

Although Aftermath are but a mere point shy of Fireball and Les Braves, they also have the FC Diamonds breathing down their necks following a 5-3 win over FC Blue Bonnets; a perfect setup for next Tuesday’s encounter.

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