Fc l'artiste
13 Jun

As the imaginary Holy Book of Sport dictates, let he who has conquered St. Leonard two seasons running cast the first brick.

“Sunday’s game wasn’t that difficult,” declares a blunt FC l’Artiste captain Michael Marcelino following a 4-1 win over his fellow Roma-clad rivals, on the strength of Thomas Legault’s two-goal performance. “They are a great team, but our roster has improved dramatically since last season. This is the best squad we’ve ever had.”

While the artistes look to finesse their way to the top of the highly competitive table, the blue-collar FC Bricks aren’t the least phased by their own slow start. "As long as we make the playoffs, we always contend.”

More problematic for Jad El-Chamy, a self-described five-year brick and rookie manager, has been a disappointing string of heartbreak finals against Camvi and Cafe Riviera that continue to haunt his veterans. While avenging last year’s semi-final loss to defending champs FC Jixon may have seemed like an auspicious start to the summer, it’s evident more work needs to be done. “Perhaps the fifth time will be the charm for our team.”

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