03 Jun

Unlike a bad Donald Trump promise, Andy Transport might actually be getting tired of doing so much winning.

In fact, as if simply going through the motions, the defending winter champs wrapped up the pre-season tournament in two hours flat, blowing past finalists Zeus by a score of 4-1 after smoking Union 7-1 and blanking FC Bashtone 3-0. The de-facto rulers of Laval’s top division will surely continue to make life miserable for those unlucky enough to share the B3 Division this summer.

In the B Division, the partially reincarnated newcomers AF United beat Compulsive Calcio 3-0 after blanking Albiceleste and La Famiglia before that. The stingy pre-season champs will conduct their summer business in the C3 Division.

And finally, in the C Division, familiar face Sabbah edged the Aaardvarks by a score of 2-1, after handily beating MCO by a score of 4-1 and France 2-0. A Brossard mainstay every winter, Sabbah will now defend St. Leonard’s sole summer division against the likes of FC l’Artiste and Jedi Order.