Run for rum2
30 May

After what could only be described as a sudden case of OT winter championship heartache, the Slackers look poised for some summer redemption.

The squad managed to claw their way to a 3-2 victory against Zone in the FC pre-season finals, having manhandled the equally elite Benchwarmers and FC Boisbraind only hours before.

Of course, nothing short of a championship reprieve will do.

And the Slackers will have their hands full on that count, joined in Laval’s top female division by recreational champs Run for Rum. The league newcomers edged FC Inter MTL 2-1 after simply deflating That Team 5-1 and blanking the B-Liners 3-0. While the fireworks will be sure to fly in Laval, finalists FC Inter MTL will need to keep at least one good eye on Queen of the World – another squad that has come up short in their last few summer championship attempts – in Anjou’s top division.