Fc bimbo
28 Mar

Whether it’s actively applying it or just down right being under it, pressure has had almost everything to do with FC Bimbo’s surprise playoff success thus far.

“During the first half, we really pressed (Sabbah’s) last defenders and prevented their forwards from getting any shots off,” explains captain and lead sniper Francis Harel-Desgroseillers. “That allowed us to dominate ball possession and launch quick counterattacks. Once we grabbed that 2-0 lead in the second half, we just tightened up and played it ‘safe’. And Gregory Murray was monstrous throughout, with two powerful strikes from behind enemy lines.”

It remains to be seen whether the strategy that ultimately led sixth-seed FC Bimbo to a 3-1 win over Sabbah 1 in their opening playoff round will bear similar fruit against undefeated Arsenal, who recently lost top striker Charles de Santis to the NCAA Division 1 Rhode Island Bulldogs. “We do have a solid defense with Jérémie Soucy in the back and a strong midfield with Alexandre De Santis,” reasons Charles from south of the border, all but ruling out a last-minute appearance Sunday. “Max Hebert has also started to score a lot of goals. I’m sure our team will be ready and will remain undefeated.”

You’d think the 23-point gap that separated both teams during the A Division regular season would have Francis a little psyched out. Instead, he insists there’s no reason for FC Bimbo to panic. “While these are players with great soccer skills, we’re not too worried. This promises to be a very interesting and potentially rough encounter.”

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