Comp calcio
02 Mar

There are much-needed wins, and then there are those grab-the-bulls-by-the-horns-to-steal-a-championship wins. Compulsive Calcio may have just pulled off the latter.

“We knew that (top-seed) FC Villa Maria were going to drop points versus the (third-seed) Chiefs, so we needed to respond,” declares captain Nico Lanni in a gripping recount of his side’s late Monday night come-from-behind game. “Albania took a two-goal lead within the first 15 minutes. However, we ended the half with an incredible goal by our top scorer Jonathan Cippolone who buried a free kick chipper into the top corner.”

Compulsive Calcio would again surrender another goal early in the second half and then eventually respond with a Marco Lapenna volley and a Christopher Michelli set piece to tie it up at three. “At this point we knew we had them. We took the lead with nine minutes left in the game on an amazing break out play from Eric Furtado, who gave it to David Iafigliola for the game-winning goal.”
The concurrent 4-3 Villa Maria loss leaves a regular season championship firmly in play, explains Lanni, who’s been picking up on some online trash talking from the B5 Division leaders. "We’ll let our soccer do the talking. When playoff time comes, we’ll be ready!

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