16 Feb

Anyone who’s ever tried outrunning his/her beloved mutt knows it’s only a question of time before that strategy comes back to bite you.

This will serve as small consolation for Team Canada, who admittedly played one of their best games this winter and still emerged 4-3 losers against an undefeated Pugz squad who now enjoy a comfortable 14-point running head start in the B2 Division. “We were missing a few guys,” explains Stevie DiCarlo, whose squad can also take strange comfort in the fact that back they limped away from a far more embarrassing 8-2 spanking back in December. “I feel if we had our full squad, we could have won.”

The way Pugz’ captain Vincent Aucoin sees it, it was his ‘longhair boy’ Thomas Rémy who first threw a wrench into Team Canada’s weekend stride with an exquisite goal to tie the game up at two late in the first half. His opponents were quick on the counterattack. And while division sniper Kevin Walker would ultimately respond with his third of the game to even things up with five minutes left to play, Remy would strike again only seconds later to give Pugz the edge in this veritable ‘guerre de tranchées.’

The regular season championship now admittedly a pipe dream, DiCarlo and Team Canada will instead look to secure second spot from rivals FC South Shore and FC Wahdat, earn the by-week and plot championship payback. “If we play like we have as of late, we will have a good chance at revenge against the Pugz in the finals.”

POTG: “A large part of our success this season is top scorer Kevin Walker, who leads the entire league in goals and was our MVP once again last Sunday.”

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