Red devils
07 Feb

In the lonely hour before Super Bowl kickoff, when most of us were settling into chicken wing comas, Jonathan Chabert was busy convincing his seven-strong bench to believe.

“All I asked of my girls is that they shoot on net,” recounts the Red Devils coach, replaying the seemingly harmless second-half goal he believes sank M&M en route to a crucial 3-1 victory this Sunday. “That second goal originated from a Sarah Prud’homme chance shot that bounced off a defender, the goal post and the keeper before going in.”

Though it may sound like the short-staffed Red Devils needed to pull an Edelmenesque rabbit out of their hat to zoom to within three points of top-seed FC Bisbriand and Arsenal, coach Chabert points out his squad was ripping up the FB2 Division just fine before a rash of December injuries slowed them down. He points to last week’s 6-5 nail-biter loss to Arsenal as proof his girls were regaining their form.

With only four games remaining before things really get serious, the Red Devils will continue to leverage tight defense, technique and speed with undeniable team chemistry and keep their eye on the real prize. “In the end, what’s most important is to win the last game of the season.”

POTG: With 24 goals between them, strikers Sarah Prud’homme and Chahira Sennoussaoui will continue to drive any successful Red Devils playoff run.

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