Bone for tuna
28 Jan

A little light on table manners, perhaps, undefeated Bone for Tuna is talking past its esteemed guests and fixing a hungry gaze on the main course seated directly opposite it.

“They’re a fantastic team with a lot of skill, and it showed in the second half where they dominated possession,” concedes Nico Lanni, praising a Ragazzi D’Oro squad that managed to scrape a 1-1 draw after his own go-to striker Marco Lapenna dribbled a David Iafgliola ball past two defenders and delivered the early lead on his weak foot. “It was a well-deserved result for both sides and we will definitely meet in the finals.”

While few will deny the C2B Division’s bottom four have failed to warrant a seat at the adult table, more legitimate playoff contenders like Atletic FC and the Toight Toigers would be justified in choking on the apparent snub.

Atletic FC also managed to tie Bone For Tuna (a clever play on the Italian phrase for good luck, bonna fortuna) back in December and trail the division leaders by a mere three points, while the fourth-seed Toigers have – in the eyes of their captain – simply hit a mid-season slump. “We haven’t been playing how we’d like,” admits Alexander Bove, graciously heaping praise on Bone for Tuna nonetheless. “But I’m confident we’ll bounce back this week and show them we’re amongst the top teams.”

POTG: With a giant target on their collective backs, Lanni and company will definitely continue to rely on miraculous keeper Michael Pelcar. “We have the number one defence in the league thanks to him. He’s truly a warrior.”

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