Fc 50 shades(fc2)
19 Jan

Drop one of the Galaxy’s most loveable astromech droids into a sadomasochistic love story and sparks are bound to fly, n’est ce pas?

And despite the fact that only a few ladies from FC 50 Shades would admit to consuming the erotic thriller after which its team was named, you can bet your bottom dollar they all knew exactly what undefeated R2D2 was all about.

“We went in knowing we were going to face a tough team and that mindset prevented us from playing to the best of our abilities,” explains Bianca Sportella, whose motley crew of Impact Soccer Camp coaches, animators and athletic therapists – most with very limited league experience – watched helplessly as Catina Felaco gave R2D2 a first-half lead, despite some sustained pressure of their own.

Having fought through its own pre-season lumps, FC 50 Shade found a way to regroup and fight back. The game’s turning point came early in the second half, when midfielder Sandra Nadeau accepted a cross from teammate Gabrielle Roberge and blasted home the tying goal in the top left corner. “The pace and rhythm completely changed,” recounts R2D2’s Claudia Perrone, echoing Sportella. “Both teams became more physical, created quicker plays and had many more shots on goal. But, having hit five or six posts on our end, it just wasn’t our night to get a ninth straight win!”

Much to the chagrin of division rivals Blue Ice, Aftermath and FC Fire, the 1-1 draw leaves both FC2 heavyweights undefeated, largely uncontested and looking forward to a potential ‘fun’ rematch in the Spring.

And while FC 50 Shades insist keeping their heads in the game and steering clear of yellow cards will be key to their success, Claudia believes R2D2’s experience (moonlighting as former 2013 champs Milan for the last five years) and outstanding team spirit will ultimately win out. “We get better as a team, game after game, and have zero tolerance for bad attitude. Very proud to lead and be part of the R2 Fam.”

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