16 Jan

Comfortably perched on the misty roof of its sprawling Laval Kingdom, mighty Zeus is determined to avoid being the one left holding the proverbial smoking thunderbolt.

“That last game was a lot closer than what the score indicates,” reasons captain Danio Addona in the wake of a 5-2 victory over the Red Stars, perhaps the psychologically toughest nut to crack amongst its B2 Division rivals. In fact, up until Jesy Nadeau accepted a long ball flicked over to him by his brother Jory, burst down the left wing, sidestepped his defender and “calmly slotted the ball into the second post” for the eventual winner, Zeus found little peace on the pitch last Wednesday. “We scored two goals at the end when the Red Stars pushed up. All the boys worked hard.”

One of three brothers who make up the original four-man Zeus 2011 core, Danio has earned the historical right to be cautious. The fact his squad has already beaten the Red Stars twice and remains undefeated halfway through the season will do little to soothe the smoldering memories of last winter, when the regular season champs fell in the semis and watched the Red Stars triumph in their place. Zeus last won the postseason in 2014.

Still, Red Nation’s Leonardo Vargas, who currently leads all scorers in the B2, has only great things to say about his Greek overlords, this in the wake of a 3-3 draw back in early December. “In my opinion, Zeus is one of the strongest teams in the league.”

The paltry four points currently separating Zeus from both its Red rivals and Andy Transport suggests otherwise, only furthering Danio’s case that “there are no easy games.” So expect Zeus to continue fighting tooth and nail, cliché by cliché – his trusty thunderbolt never too far from his side. “We’ll continue taking it one game at a time.”

POTG: “The whole team put in a great effort. We defended and attacked together. The fact that we are not dependent on one player is one of our main strengths.”

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