Blue sky(fc1)
09 Jan

Let’s leave the ‘2 Old 2 Run’ inside joke aside for a moment. Everything on paper suggested undefeated Blue Sky were poised to get a run for their top-seed money.

And when top striker Elise Dagenais gave the fourth-seed 202R the early 1-0 lead, it looked like that unlikely scenario might come to pass. While Joanie Lesperance demanded her girls keep moving, a calm Blue Sky coach Patrick Bellehumeur implored his to be patient. What both got was a jagged first half devoid of any sustained momentum one way or the other – even after Blue Sky capitalized on some corner kick confusion to tie it up at one.

As the half-time discussions ensued, it felt like something had to give.
And give it did.

Only five minutes into the second half, Blue Sky had suddenly taken a commanding 3-1 lead. Their defenders seemed more surefooted as they launched waves of counterattacks. Brigitte Leveille would have surely claimed the fourth goal for Blue Sky if not for a miraculous save by keeper Erika Dery. No matter, since Anne-Pier Jauvin was there to claim the rebound, grinning uncontrollably as she made her way back to the bench, knowing full well that the levy had burst. She’d ultimately add her fourth of the night to make it 6-1.

Despite Valerie Turcotte’s spectacular late-game individual effort, the damage was done. With the 6-2 win, Blue Sky – the team that had captured last winter’s FC1 regular season title – now found themselves in very familiar territory with a perfect 8-0 record.

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