Tremons united
18 Dec

In the spirit of the dreaded schoolyard showdown, Tremons United stared down their toughest division rivals long enough to make out the whites of their eyes.

“There is no rule that says a footballer needs to be ‘this high’ and ‘this wide,’” wrote captain Lorenzo Nanocchio in a cryptic email following a 5-5 draw against the FC Bullies, using the famous Andres Iniesta quote for dramatic effect. “It was an intense game. And we look forward to challenging our greatest opponent so far without fear.”

The draw means both C4B Division heavyweights get to walk away with unbeaten records for the Holidays; even if Tremons (RDP pre-season champions in their own right) do enjoy a two-point lead over the defending Brossard C Division champs.

POTG: Steven di Bartolomeo played his second consecutive two-goal game and leads Tremons United – alongside Alessio Iemma – with six goals in five games.

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