The benchwarmers
14 Dec

Their confused line changes and playful snickering aside, the good-natured ladies of Pineapple Express play some serious soccer.

Though they stood idly by as the Benchwarmers grabbed an early 1-0 lead in their Tuesday night game, the FB Division rookies managed to even things up on Melissa Lachapelle’s corner kick strike, a goal which seemed to surprise even her. The Benchwarmers would continue to dictate the pace. A winded Melissa Godbout, who had been begging for a change, received a ball at half field and danced past a couple of defenders to give Pineapple the 2-1 lead. “There’s a reason I asked you to stay in!” yelled a joyous Lachapelle from the bench. While Annie Contino would eventually dampen the celebrations with a precise long distance strike, Godbout would respond with her second on a two-on-nothing breakaway.

Some playful halftime wrestling ensued while talk on the Pineapple bench centered around preserving their 3-2 lead. And the girls managed to do just that, ultimately making it 4-2 on Bianca di Paola’s header. Although Cristina Ricci and the veteran Benchwarmers did manage to tighten the screws late in the game and force backup keeper Alissa Ramacieri to make some key stops, Pineapple Express defender Jamie Saad would unwittingly lend her face to block what looked to be a sure goal at a crucial moment in the game.

Her teammates, cheering her on as she got back up and shook it off, couldn’t stop giggling.

POTG: Pineapple Express striker Melissa Godbout’s fancy footwork made her the most dangerous striker on the pitch. She currently leads the FB Division alongside Mirabel’s Marie-Emmanuelle Laroche with 9 goals in 5 games.

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