Boca juniors
09 Dec

It seemed a little too soon for newcomers Boca Juniors to be flirting with rock bottom.

“We were trying to come up with our own style of playing,” explains Mathias Atencia, well aware that his squad was playing poorly and sorely lacking in the goal-production department two games in. “We knew the season was (still) in its early stages, which is why we had to keep our heads up and continue to work on our team chemistry.”

Nobody, then, would have expected the Boca Juniors to pull off a 4-3 win over Camvi, the league’s longest-running success story. Somehow, the former FC Ahuntsic crew managed to click and Felipe Gonzales-Figueroa’s two goals would prove to be the eventual difference maker, leaving Camvi’s Marco Agozzino with nothing but praise for his opponents. And while the improbable win failed to dislodge the B2 heirs from their rightful throne, it might just have given the Juniors the incentive they needed to spring out of the division basement.

POTG: “We’d like to congratulate our teammate Felipe. Being our youngest player, he has really stood out this season. Although we lost our second game, he played very well. But it is really during this last game that he impressed us all.”

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