Chelsea fc(fa)
28 Nov

A pair of undefeated FA Division heavyweights stubbornly refused to surrender any kind of loss-column satisfaction to the other.

Quickly shrugging off an early Chelsea FC goal, the calm and collected Fusion FC crew would surgically regain a 2-1 advantage on a pair of rapid-fire strikes by Valerie Fleurant and Annie Demirdjian, whose go-ahead goal came just minutes after her opponents rang a beautifully orchestrated counterattack off the post.

Fusion proceeded to snuff out every last Chelsea offensive threat cobbled together during the second half. Striker Romina Larralde proved to be the exciting exception to this rule, twice threatening the tying goal with blistering sprints down the left wing while coach Mickey Giampa paced the sidelines. Time wore down. Romina’s tying goal – her second of the game – would eventualy come in the game’s dying minutes, providing her squad its third draw in four starts this winter.

While Chelsea’s bench seemed most concerned about simply making the playoffs this time around, FC Fusion will be looking to avoid another picture perfect FA Division season that fails to translate into a championship.

POTG: Romina Larralde was by far Chelsea FC’s most dangerous striker and currently leads her squad with four goals in four games.

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