17 Nov

Some old grizzled and familiar faces emerged from the grey as Laval’s pre-season tournament set the stage for the cold, dark battles to come.

In Division 1 action, returning regular season champs Andy Transport defeated FC Challenger 2-0, this after simply obliterating Fabrose in their tournament opener before handily disposing of B2 champs Red Star by a score of 4-1.

Defending C3 Division champions Cinque Stelle also got their pre-season rocks off by blanking C1 champs Albania 3-0. That win came on the back of consecutive 2-1 victories over the Chiefs and the Red Stars 3, none of which will join them in the C3 Division this winter.

Bucking the trend was Europa FC, a squad that managed to edge past the Aardvarks 1-0 to capture the Division 3 title, capping off equally notable wins over Citizens K and AC Pirates. The two finalists will join league vets Ibericos and Calcio D’Oro in what should be a roller coaster regular season in the C5A Division.

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