Queen of the world
08 Nov

The days may be getting shorter, but that only makes it easier for those with longer-term visions of grandeur.

In F1 Division action, newcomers DS1 managed to edge past FC Repentigny 3-2, the cherry on the top of a pre-season campaign that included decisive shutout wins against defending regular season champs Les Cheminots and the Ninjas. The two finalists in question now get to take their newfound rivalry to the rather exclusive FA Division, where they’ll join the likes of FC Fusion, Chelsea FC and the Beans.

Eager to overcome another spectacular summer season that ultimately ended in heartbreak, Queen of the World captured the F2 contest with a 2-1 victory over Joga Bonita. The character performance came on the heels of two tight matches against and Olympic, a defending winter champ in its own right who will join the Queens and the Ninjas in the FB2 Division.

And in the FC finale, les Rebelles shut the door on whoever was tossed their way without surrendering so much as a goal. After blanking les Braves and the Blue Devils in back-to-back 2-0 victories, the girls inched past the Pink Tacos in a 1-0 finale, sending out a clear warning to the 11 other squads that will be stuck with them in the FC1 Division this winter.

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