Les bleus
22 Aug

Teams that stay together, win championships together. It’s often as simple as that.

“Les Bleus’ success this summer has a lot to do with the fact that our core has been together for several years now,” explains captain Marilyne Dagenais. “The chemistry is undeniable and we can always expect to profit from each of our player’s strengths.”

Of course, having a sniper of Catherine HuppĂ©’s caliber, with her C1 Division-leading 20 goals, doesn’t hurt. Nor do this summer’s roster additions of keeper Audrey Ladouceur, the versatile Julie Trudeau and striker Lauryanne Taylor Still. While each is equally responsible for Les Bleus’ nine-point division lead, the squad’s 2-1 loss to second seed Blitz continues to loom large in Dagenais’ longer term concerns. “Our biggest potential championship rival remains Blitz.”

POTG: “The powerful and precise strikes from top striker Catherine HuppĂ© – unleashed from all distances and every angle – have contributed greatly to our victories!”

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