Pc brazil
18 Aug

Since inching past then-top-seed Brothers United back in early July, Brazil have been on some kind of a divine roll.

In fact, their ensuing six game winning streak hit a new high this past week as the team posted a 5-0 shutout win over current C4 Division heads Arsenal, effectively shrinking the gap between the first and fourth-ranked team to just four points, with four games left to play.

“We pray before the game, at half time and sometimes even after,” explains Rico Battikha, the spiritual leader of a squad that was forced to keep its cool after a nasty Arsenal tackle on Jonathan Brisson resulted in some heated bench-to-bench trash talking. “In our prayers, we even give thanks for the players on the other team.”

POTG: “Our goalie Walid was outstanding. (Leading scorer) Giovanni Corbo is really motivated to win the season…and our center midfield Chris Orellana played an awesome game. It was his birthday.”

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