Fc stallions
12 Aug

Already down their top three go-to-guys and forced to play a man short for the first 20 minutes of the game, FC Stallion should never have escaped the first half against top seed Cafe Victoria’s all tied at three.

“I think they were surprised that we pulled it off,” explains Nicholas Longo, whose squad actually fought back from that early 3-0 deficit before their tired legs got the better of them in an eventual 8-5 loss. “I think we sent a nice message to Cafe Victoria’s.”

While a draw between Toight Tigers and 7’s United has ensured that Stallion maintain some breathing room in second, Nicholas and friends are already looking to the postseason for their own Victoria’s redemption. “Although they play very well together, when we meet them in the playoffs and have our full squad, it will be a great battle.”

POTG: “That would have to be the team as a whole for sticking together through the tough cardio task – most of my team have office jobs – and supporting each other on the pitch. Props to my goalie for playing well with his golf shoes!”

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