Pc fk wrust
02 Aug

With striker Yianni Fokas weaving through its backline and Bobby Bakos snuffing out every last offensive burst, Compulsive Calcio may have officially succumbed to a new and unsavory obsession.

“This year, we’ve been able to beat (Compulsive Calcio) twice by showing our resilience, level headedness and a commitment to playing as a team,” explains Darius Tse, still basking in the glory of a 4-1 victory that has propelled his FK Wurst into a first-place tie with their division archrivals. “Ultimately, we capitalized on our opportunities and didn’t give them a chance to get back in the game.”

Despite a sometimes rough and tumultuous season, FK Wurst has benefited from the return of the injured Chris Lazaris and Jacob Vathis, which – alongside several other key roster additions – has reinvigorated their core’s four-year C1 Division ambitions. “We feel as if this is our year to finally break through and win the title!”

POTG: “When you have a goalie of Costa Stinis’ caliber, you feel you have a shot in any game. He’s been the difference maker throughout the years and his performance Sunday was what we’ve come to expect from him. He made some stunning saves and made them look routine.”

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