Fc l'artiste
27 Jul

It would seem a far more consistent group of committed Artistes has emerged from last summer’s rubble of individualism and injury.

“Last season, it was mostly Jeremie Andre scoring a lot of our goals,” explains FC l’Artiste captain Arnaud Labelle in the wake of a monstrous 5-1 win over Primagoccia this week. “We now have a well balanced team where everyone is doing their part and contributing to win games.”

The team’s fourth straight win has allowed Artist to open a comfortable six-point lead on FC Bricks, the last C1 Division opponent to beat them. Despite the psychological cushion that comes with a full roster, Arnaud isn’t expecting any free rides. “None of our games have been easy. All of our wins and success thus far haven’t come without sweat and determination.”

POTG: “Anthony Oliviera is definitely the big plus on our team. He was injured last year but is now our top scorer now with 19 goals.”

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