18 Jul

A team founded on a complex pun to keep a bunch of high school friends from drifting apart has also been playing some decent soccer of late.

In fact, the 2014 Vincent Massy “Cheese Factory” Collegiate alumni squad known as Calciocavallo is currently undefeated in July after blowing two high profile games in late June. “It was a crucial game for us because FC Fratelli were three points behind us,” explains team founder Anthony Baratta. “We’re also a defensive team and so are they, which made it hard for us to score. No surprise it finished 1-1.”

Confronted with his squad’s inability to handle the top two teams in the C5 Division thus far, Baratta insists Calciocavallo should have at least beat Bonbon Rose and might be better than their sixth-place ranking would have you believe. “As for Chez Pasquale, yeah let’s forget that game! Still, we feel we have a great chance of making the playoffs if we keep on playing the way we have been recently.”

POTG: “On and off the field, Nicholas Sirianni Ayoub has shown great emotions and he’s been a great leader. I would also like to make a special shout out to our defence and goalie, who have really played strong and have allowed us to win games.”

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