Sc yboys
11 Jul

With only one win in their first six games, the BSC Young Boys desperately needed to fire a warning shot at at least one of their monster opponents.

“Recently, we’ve tweaked the way we played a bit and have noticed a change,” explains forward Chris Pimentel, obviously aware that his squad’s 6-2 thrashing of the second-seed Nuva Spa Gunners is still not necessarily the silver bullet that instantaneously erases a dreadful B4 Division start.

“The game was closer than the score line suggested but we kicked into another gear completely to win this game,” he continues. The squad is currently not even in playoff position and trails the division-leading Gunners by ten points. “For us, it’s now all about gaining consistency to make a significant dent in the playoffs.”

POTG: “Our best player is without a question Chris Pimentel,” declares teammate Gregory Caltabanis. “He pulls all the right strings in attack and has been playing to his level so far, despite our early season blues.”

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