Jedi order
08 Jul

Caught in a tight four-way race for first, the cream of the C2 Division crop all managed to come up big in Week 6.

Unwilling to seed any unnecessary ground to undefeated leaders Jedi Order following their free three-point forfeit win, La Dictature barely squeaked by Montreal United 5-4 to maintain their own two-point hold on second, while YPG Kurdistan and RM Castilla each picked up comfortable wins over the weakest respective squads of their division.

Meanwhile, in C1 action, the FC Bricks put an end to Primagoccia’s undefeated reign with a narrow 2-1 victory on the strength of forward Hamza Chadli’s four-game goal streak. There are not only three points separating the top four teams in that division.

POTG: Yusuf Karasayili scored three goals in his first game of the season to keep YPG Kurdistan right in the C2 race with a 6-4 win against Pastavera

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