Calcio bandito
29 Jun

The rookie Calcio Bandito would have been right to feel good about their very clever name, having taken out the top two lieutenants in their division with both style and panache.

Until Persia showed up one muggy night and kicked some reality into their eyes, that is. “We fought hard but were outplayed,” admits Michael Muro, his squad ultimately folding 6-2 to record their worst loss of the season. “Two early goals put the game in their favour and it was hard to come back.”

Although Calcio Bandito now trails Persia, Ashton Villa and FC Bianconeri in the B2 Division standings, it is the top seed that this group of friends is most focused on moving forward. “Persia definitely has us concerned but we know we will beat them next time.”

POTG: “Our star player Gezim Sahiti played well but couldn’t find his usual form and scored an own goal.”

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