25 Jun

Chris Riccio had nothing but praise for the team that reminded his Rip City that RDP’s top division is not necessarily theirs to take lightly.

“They always put maximum pressure on our players, giving us minimal time to move and make decisions,” explained the more analytical captain several days after a 5-3 loss to top-seed Calcio D’Oro had a chance to sink in. “They’re a great team and a tough opponent. If we’re gonna beat this team next time, we’ll need to move the ball much better and make more runs to open up the field and create chances.”

With five of the B4 Division squads already proving they are each capable of staging an upset on any given night, expect the summer fireworks to continue as each look to gain a tactical and psychological edge.

POTG: “We didn’t really have a player of the game. It wasn’t our best performance as a team and we expect to play much better next time.”

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