Fc stinjs
26 May

The Spring pre-season tournament has left a few league vets feeling a little hot under the collar.

Sent off early in last summer’s playoffs by a determined Cafe Riviera, Camvi was just denied pre-season glory by La Squadra, who managed to hang on to a 3-1 win after crushing Frates United 6-1 and slipping past FC Jixon 1-0 in the lead up. While Cafe Riviera will be doing their thing in St. Leonard’s C2, look for Camvi to make some early season statements against La Squadra, Jixon and FC l’Artiste in the C1 Division.

Far more successful were FC Stinjs, who did manage to chase their own summer demons and take the Division 2 prize with three consecutive narrow victories.

After pulling off a 3-2 victory against the Spartans and a 2-1 win over MCO, the Stinjs hung on to a 2-1 lead to beat Casseopia in the final. The pre-season champs will now take their seat in the same C4 Division that was the site of so much heartache last Autumn, battling Casseopia, Squadra San Simeon and Motovan.com.

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