21 May

With summer finally heating up, Laval’s pre-season winners and losers can at least take solace in knowing that revenge doesn’t always have to be served cold.

Andy Transport were 2-0 winners over Persia in the top division finals after inching past New Regime and Etna in their previous games. Having been ousted in their Winter B1 Division final, the former champs will be hoping their shiny new B3 digs will prove more auspicious as they battle the likes of Zeus and Etna.

Former winter champs FC Bashtone, meanwhile, posted a 1-0 pre-season final win over FC Brackassé following a 5-4 semifinal win over defending winter champs Cinque Stelle FC. While Brackassé will conduct its affairs in the C1, Bashtone will occupy the familiar C2 alongside Cinque Stelle, AC Europa and La Famiglia.

And lastly, the Reds were 3-2 winners over newcomers Andiamo a Berlino after barely beating Boavista and pummeling Squadra D’Oro in their pre-season campaign. Most of these squads will meet all summer long in the C3 Division.

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