Fc bullies
12 Apr

Finishing at the top of the standings didn’t turn out to be such a great strategy in Brossard this winter.

While Vincent Gauthier got his top-seed Dale Weise squad on the board late in the first half with a short-side corner kick redirect, it was B Division runner-up Zara FC who looked to hold the slight tactical advantage throughout. The game slowly descended into choppiness and, amidst a flurry of yellows cards, Zara finally converted a late-game free kick attempt from in close by picking off Salah Eddine Djerfafe, who sent the game into overtime. The eventual shootout left space for Zara’s towering keeper to do his thing en route to the squad’s eventual 2-1 win.

Second-seed Sabbah, meanwhile, were already nursing a lead when Piranhas ETS striker Omar Lasfar managed to pull the entire defensive core to his right before burying the equalizer cross side. Sabbah refused to lose their cool, however, and were rewarded as Reza Zare posted the eventual winner in this hard fought 3-1 top-division championship win.

And while not a competitive match per se, it was still an unlikely upset in the C Division final as the sixth-seed FC Bullies beat up on second-place FC Wahdat 4-0 on the back of a powerful two-goal performance by Rico Bastien. The Bullies managed to knock out the top three teams in their division in this impressive championship march.

POTG: Rico Bastien scored three goals in three games to lead the unlikely FC Bullies to a well-deserved C Division championship.