04 Apr

The defending C1 Division champs could not have asked for even one ounce more of additional adversity to overcome this winter.

After finishing fifth in the standings and then proceeding to knock off Galacticos in a shootout and second-seed FC Astrovia in the semis, the RDPeters found themselves down 3-0 against in a championship match against top-seed Tutto Bene, a team that had finished with more than double their point total.

“But three unanswered goals by Lorenzo Nanocchio, Steven Di Bartolomeo and Joey Carvelli put this thrilling final game into a shootout,” recounts keeper Anthony Maurati with obvious gusto. “I put the chokehold on Tutto Bene early after saving first shooter and leading scorer Michael Slattery. Justin Mucci then had to score to win the game and he did.”

There were plenty more underdog fireworks to go around. In C4 Division action, last-seed FC Artemide knocked off the last of the top three seeds, the Onetouchables, in reverse order to bring home the coveted prize, while last-in-line Discovery Channel also booted the mighty Squadra San Simeon out of the semis before finishing off FC Beauty in a 4-3 C5 Division final.

Penne Arrabiate inched past The Citizens 4-3 in C2 action while Cafe Victoria’s honoured a promise to make short work of Ragazzi D’Oro in a 4-1 C3 championship match. Motovan.com, Campobasso and La Squadra were all undisputed winners in their respective 35+, B3 and B4 Division finals.

POTG: Claudio Di Zazzo had a goal in each of FC Artemide’s epic playoff matchups to help lead the C4 Division underdogs to the Promised Land.