26 Mar

A couple of long shot playoff pioneers were caught without a leg to stand on when the music finally came to an abrupt end.

“Unfortunately, Pay-Per-View will soon become available online for free!” declared Yacine Baouche in a painfully honest email following a 3-0 loss to SS Mischiate in a C2 Final few would have dare predicted.

“Jokes apart, it was definitely our worst performance of the season. Not a single shot on target, poor defensive marking, selfishness and lack of positional discipline. After the first goal we completely collapsed mentally. And instead of refocusing on doing what helped us beat the first and second-placed teams, everyone lost faith and we became a spiritless team, screaming and criticizing each other’s every single action.”

In other notable upsets, fourth-seed Cinque Stelle FC handily beat third-seed FC Villamaria by a score of 4-1 to capture the C3 Division crown. Top-seeds Tutto Per Uno (B4), Albania (C1) and Celtic (C4), meanwhile, took care to finish what they started to bring home their respective prizes.

POTG: "SS Mischiate’s captain scored a hat-trick: TWO right-post headers from a left-side corner kick and the rebound I punched away following another corner kick. Pathetic. ____ "

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