Cafe victoria's
21 Mar

Having ended a so-so season with a bang before knocking out a pair of big time playoff opponents, Cafe Victoria’s might be feeling entitled to a little grandstanding.

“Ragazzi d’Oro can basically just stay home and watch reruns of Full House on Wednesday” declares squad messenger Alessio Varrocci, quoting an unidentified teammate who he quips is ’quite the author. “The time has come for Café Victoria’s to rise from the dead and take over the C3 Division. So bring some popcorn and cotton candy and enjoy the showdown.”

All those taunts and threats, however, may not be worth their weight in gold, given Cafe Victoria’s inability to solve Ragazzi d’Oro to date. It remains to be seen if the third time will in fact be the charm – or whether all that hot air may finally rush out of the balloon.

POTG: Francesco Parisi’s three-goal performance against the second-in-command Machine Guns last week is one big reason Cafe Victoria’s sticking around for the final.

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