16 Mar

It wasn’t too long ago that MCFC were riding a confidence high after taking out the then C-Division leaders. Then, until this week, they were all but down and out.

“We needed all three points against FC Classic and the FC Bullies had to lose or draw their last game,” explains MCFC’s Hafez Panahy. “Fortunately, these two scenarios happened and we are now three points away from a playoff spot! There ain’t no easy games in this league. But this last game is do-or-die.”

Panahy estimates a win over third-seed FC Wahdat will not be easy, given their opponent’s desire to finish in second and claim a crucial bi-week rest. If MCFC are to leapfrog past the FC Bullies, they’ll have to play to their strengths. “We enter the game with the second best defense in our division and we will focus on that to stop FC Wahdat’s attack and top scorer Meelad Sakheie.”

POTG: “Our striker Mehraban Afghan is going through a drought. His last goal was at the rout against Stechco Junior. We count on him to get back to his old form and start scoring again as we are playing a team who has lost only once this year.”

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