Pay per view
11 Mar

Stats and seeds rarely tell the whole story. It’s something regular season champs Antipasto have had to learn the hard way.

“We now have much higher expectations than simply being party crashers,” declared Pay-Per-View captain and keeper Yacine Baouche after his team simply stunned Antipasto in a 3-2 quarterfinal upset. “After this win, we won’t accept an underdog tag versus Acta Sanctorum. We know it will be another very difficult game, but we absolutely no longer fear anyone.”

The rookie Pay-Per-View side have managed to turn around what was a dismal start to their winter, winning seven of their last nine games to sneak into the C2 postseason in eighth spot thanks to a lethal combination of discipline and heart.

In other important playoff news, third-seed Real Montreal manhandled top seed and former champs Andy Transport in the B1 Division final, while the fourth-seed FC Inter MTL 2 edged past FC Challenger to capture the B3 Division crown.

POTG: “Wissem Abedia is without a doubt the heart and soul of the team,” explains Baouche. “His dedication on the pitch and his off-pitch sense of humor helped us building the chemistry that has lead us where we are now. And a special shout-out to Mohamed Chibane – a newly converted boxer/basketball player – who did an amazing job covering his right wing last game.”

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