05 Mar

With their playoffs hopes fading and four last-minute cancellations to contend with, Amazons had every reason to pack it in last Sunday.

“It was impressive to see players playing in positions that weren’t their usual ones in order to make sure we did what we had too,” recounts coach Isabelle Julian, whose girls managed to come through shorthanded and cling to some slim playoff hopes with a 1-0 win over FC Fires. “There was a good atmosphere, even if everyone was dead tired. And I believe that willingness to do what was necessary for the team is what helped us earn the win.”

That desperate determination will be crucial for Amazons as they get set to confront the Cougars, the team currently standing between them and the final playoff spot in the FC1 Division. For Julian, team defence will be key to any success. Amazons were 2-1 winners the last time both teams met, albeit under less stressful circumstances.

POTG: “I would give special mention to Kim Harvey – who joined our team this year and has done a lot for us on the offensive front – and Amélie Cloutier, who has really stepped up and filled in team gaps when needed.”

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