Fc dale weise
04 Mar

If FC Dale Weise can provide any cosmic clues, the former Habs darling after which they are named will be just fine.

“We even considered changing our name when he was traded,” explains Vincent Gauthier, whose squad were 4-1 winners over FC Alianza this week and have but a single loss to their name this winter. “But we figured that would probably only bring us bad luck.”

That being said, Gauthier does admit that fourth-seed FC Moris – still an imminent roadblock to FC Dale Weise cementing the season championship – has given his team a hard time on numerous encounters. He’s also noticed a drop off in his squad’s offensive production, going as far as to single out his “very dangerous” striker Gabriel Marquette in the hope it will provide him the necessary “kick in the ass” for the upcoming playoffs. Balancing this, the captain praises forward rookie Philipe Cormier for his uncanny ability to turn a game around on his offensive dynamism and work ethic alone.

All to say that FC Dale Weise is not losing any sleep as the real season beckons. “With the playoffs just around the corner, we’re confident and we fear no one. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the other teams who are afraid to play us.”

POTG: “Better known as Blops, keeper Marc-AndrĂ© Blouin is by far the most important player on our team. He’s got cat-like reflexes and is very good with the ball on his feet.”

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