Joma bonito
26 Feb

You can’t always expect the scenery to be pretty on the long and lonely road to the top.

“The game against The Citizens this week was pretty out of control,” admits Joma Bonito captain Nathaniel Sardilli, describing how he eventually converted a dirty foul on teammate Luca Valsorda into the eventual 1-0 field goal winner. “From that point on, we closed up the middle and pushed forward on counter attacks. We had several chances and didn’t take them, but we defended extremely well and kept our composure to grind it out.”

Another close win means Joma Bonito is currently occupying the C2 Division throne, although they may just be keeping it warm for a Calcio D’Oro squad that still enjoys a game in hand. Pointing to some off-season acquisitions, Sardilli is confident his squad has learned a thing or two about setbacks and persistence.

“Looking back at last season – ending with an undefeated record and losing in the semis – we come into this season’s playoffs mentally strong, confident within our system and ready for any challenge that comes our way.”

POTG: “Keeper Alessandro Audia has kept us out of trouble week after week. Both Giuliano Di Niro and Dean Tomasetti have been consistent goal scorers and Roberto Pietraroia has been an absolute wall on defence. And Tony Tasca has brought us that experience in midfield that we lacked last season.”

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