23 Feb

If Zeus won’t come out and directly proclaim themselves THE team to beat in the upcoming B2 Division playoffs, somebody has to at least point out their good timing.

“It’s all about peaking at the right time,” declared a diplomatic Michael Addona following back-to-back 7-2 victories over the defending champs Ashton Villa. "We hope we can do enough to make some noise in the playoffs.

One can perhaps forgive Addona and company for playing down this week’s season-closer, a game that was deadlocked until an early Ashton Villa red card opened the floodgates. Far more difficult to ignore, however, is Zeus’ team stats this winter. The team has ranked first in every measurable category. In fact, their only Achilles Heel seems to be the second-seed Red Stars, who managed to beat them twice.

The playoffs should prove interesting – that much even Addona is willing to admit. “This is a division loaded with talent and no team should be overlooked.”

POTG: Guillaume Trudeau deserves recognition as Zeus’ most prolific and consistent goal scorer this season.

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