Potenza calcio
10 Feb

With the playoffs just around the corner, second-seed Potenza Calcio has still got a basket of top division fish to fry.

“Good form, organization and a bit of luck is what’s needed to beat a team like Campobasso,” explains Pep Cristiano, his squad’s late January loss to fellow playoff contenders MTL City FC now firmly behind him. "As for a potential match-up in the final, I’d like to think about getting there first as there are other obstacles in our way.

While Potenza Calcio trail the B3 Division leaders by nine points, they are also guaranteed a playoff spot. If their third encounter against Campobasso is to finally be successful, it’s likely top scorer Sean Rosa and newcomers Alessandro Iulanella and Davide Salvoni will play big roles. “We have every chance of winning if we execute our game plan properly. However, it’s a game plan I won’t be able to share with you.”

POTG: “Sean Rosa has been our top player with the highest number of goals scored. However, everyone’s contribution has allowed us to climb from second last spot into the top end of the standings.”

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