03 Feb

They say there’s no bad way to win a game. There is, however, an even better way to go undefeated in ten games – especially when two of those wins come at the expense of some renowned competition.

And that’s precisely what’s got Sabbah coach Obaid Afghanyar all pumped.

His team’s most recent 6-2 victory against FC Select has served to temporarily dislodge their storied opponents from the top of the A Division – no small feat, given Select’s unprecedented dominance in Brossard every winter. “I’m really happy with the performance of my team. They’ve really put extra effort into each and every game.”

Crediting strikers Cedric Carrie and Guillaume Rochon for their continued offensive production and leadership, Afghanyar knows he will need to keep the crew focused on the larger task at hand, with encounters against Footfire and Piranhas ETS on the horizon.

POTG: “Our goalie Haroon Afghanyar was there when we needed him. He made some big saves in this game.”

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